Why Choose Mints

Expectations are built by past experiences.  It’s time to give them a lift.

Insurance is more than paper and premiums. It’s about people and protecting those assets and interests important to them.  For too long, agents who dabble in medical malpractice have “sold” providers and practices the notion that insurance is a commodity and establishing price as the main difference between offerings.

This is a lie.

Medical malpractice experts have specific knowledge of the insurance products that protect health care providers and an intimate understanding of the malpractice claim process.

At Mints Insurance, we take a personal approach to addressing your needs.  We understand that well-planned insurance coverage is a critical expense, especially when you experience a claim. We have seen the emotional toll a claim takes on our partner-clients and their staff. To be properly prepared for a claim you must be aligned with a professional firm that understands the associated risk.  You need Mints Med Mal.

Before choosing your Medical Malpractice agent, ask these questions:

  • Is my agent educated specifically in medical malpractice?
  • Will my agent serve as an advocate for my practice?
  • Will my agent provide my practice with personal attention?
  • Will my agent protect assets outside of my practice?

If the answer to any of these questions is “No”, you should consider Mints Med Mal.