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Medical malpractice: Why is it so hard for doctors to apologize?

Fixing a system built on blame and revenge will require bold ways of analyzing mistakes and a radical embrace of openness. By Dr. Darshak Sanghavi DANIELLE BELLEROSE WENT THROUGH HELL for two years trying to conceive, undergoing nine rounds of fertility treatments before she finally got pregnant with twins in late 2003. Shortly thereafter, the […]

Firing a Medical Practice Employee and Avoiding a Lawsuit

By Ike Devji, JD Imagine that after two decades in business with 100 plus employees and not a single EEOC or employment complaint your business is facing a class action lawsuit by disgruntled former employees discharged for cause. Imagine that these employees call every other employee they can reach and try to get them to […]

United States: Data Security Breach Notification Requirements In The United States: What You Need to Know

Article by Article by Peter J. Guffin I. Introduction Data security breach notification has become a significant compliance risk for most businesses today. A data security breach can disrupt business operations, damage brand reputation and customer relationships, and attract government investigations and class action lawsuits. The Ponemon Institute, which conducts annual benchmark studies concerning the […]

New Medicare Fraud and Abuse Provisions Under the PPACA

By Jeff Weinstein and Scott Honiberg for HealthLeaders Media, July 12, 2010 President Obama recently signed off on legislation that very likely will result in a substantial increase in lawsuits against health care providers. Intended to combat fraud in the Medicare & Medicaid programs, several amendments in the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act significantly […]

The Best Indicator of the Future is the Past

Frank A. Jones, Mints Insurance Post-payment Audits are a thing of the future and they will affect many more than are expecting it. The question these days is not whether or not you will be a target, but when. By now you know that, at the direction of Congress, the Department of Health & Human […]